Emilie is one of the newest members of the ISM teaching team. In the first of a new ISM series, our favourite French horn player has answered some questions about herself. Read on to find out more about the human behind the picture…

Where are you from and what instruments do you play?
I am from Melbourne Australia and I play the French Horn.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing? 
If I wasn’t a musician I would probably be teaching general primary school, I really like teaching. 
Where did you study? 
I have studied at the University of Melbourne and I completed my Bachelor of Music there. I have also completed my Diploma in Education at another university in Australia. 

Where are you studying now?
I am currently studying at the Sibelius Academy
What was the thing that got you interested in music?
I saw a person play the trumpet and I told my mum that I wanted to do that.
Why are you in Finland?
I am in Finland to study music.
Who is your favourite musician/composer?
Mozart or Mahler, very different I know but I really like to play both of their compositions.
What has been your most special musical experience to date?
Playing at the Berlin Philharmonic with the German-Scandinavian Youth Orchestra.
Do you have any secret/not-so-secret (unmusical) talents?
I like to SCUBA dive
Tea or coffee?
I really like to drink both tea and coffee. I can’t choose one or the other.
Cats or dogs?
Again I can’t answer this, I like both animals just as much… but maybe for me cats win but only by a little bit.
 Salad or Pizza?
Salad as long as it’s a salad with lots of tuna fish and eggs!

What is your favourite country to visit?
What is your favourite season?
What is your favourite food?
I like them all… haha
Do you have hobbies?
I like to knit in my spare time
 Do you have any pets? What are their names?
I currently have no pets. I used to have a dog named Nelson and two cats one named Tiger and the other one Zebbie.
 Do you have children? What are their names?
I have no children