Where are you from and what instruments do you play?
I am from Finland and I was born in Helsinki. I play the flute as my main instrument but I can play a bit of saxophone and piano too. 
If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing? 
If I weren’t a musician I would probably be a painter or carpenter. My profession would be something to do with different forms and materials anyway…
Where did you study?
I studied in the music institute of Lahti University and in the Conservatoire national de Rennes in France. In addition I have studied in many international masterclasses.
 Where are you studying now?
At the moment I do not study anywhere, but I have planned to participate in the entrance examination of one German music university if I’ll find more time to concentrate on the program. If that will be impossible I’ll study privately with the flute professor of that university anyway. I like studying!
What was the thing that got you interested in music?
I was born into a musical family, my father played tenor saxophone and sang very well. He also played accordion, guitar and piano. My older siblings were and still are musicians too. Basically I just heard music all the time when I grew up. I wanted to become a composer and would have liked to play the violin but my dad gave me a flute as a birthday gift.
Who is your favourite musician/composer?
Mozart and Debussy
What has been your most special musical experience to date?
I cannot say that, there are quite a few of those..
Tea or coffee? 
Definitely coffee, but Tea is also fine sometimes.
Cats or dogs? 
I’m a catman
Salad or Pizza?
Depends on the fillings!
What is your favourite country to visit?
I lived and studied in France so it feels like being my second home country! I love also Austria. I adore also the old Japanese culture and I’m going to visit Japan as soon as possible!
What is your favourite season? 
All the others except winter.






Do you have children? What are their names?
Yes! I have a one year old daughter! Her name is Irene