Melisa began her piano studies at the Ataulfo Argenta Conservatory at the age of seven (Santander, Spain). From 2012 to 2014, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance with Roberto Méndez at the Eduardo Martínez Torner Higher Conservatory of Music (Oviedo, Spain). During this period, she also studied privately with Olga Semushina, the pianist of the Principado de Asturias Philharmonic Orchestra.

During the academic year 2012-13, she participated in the Erasmus student exchange programme at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland; her piano teacher was Valeria Resjan. In 2014, she started the piano pedagogy studies at this University as a degree-seeking student with the same teacher. She has also played the trumpet and the harpsichord as minor instruments throughout her studies at Metropolia University. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Culture and Arts, Degree Programme in Classical Music Pedagogy in May, 2017. Besides, she holds a postgraduate certificate in teaching education from Haaga Helia University.


  1. Where are you from and what instruments do you play? I am from Spain and I play the piano.
  2. If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing? Maybe I would be an architect.
  3. Where did you study? I studied at the “Higher Conservatory of Music Eduardo Martínez Torner” in Spain.
  4. Where are you studying now? I am studying at Metropolia University, but I will finish my studies here this year.
  5. Tea or coffee? Tea.
  6. Cats or dogs? I definitely prefer cats!
  7. Salad or Pizza? Both are great.
  8. What is your favourite country to visit? Spain, I always go there when I am on holidays.
  9. Do you have hobbies? Drawing and reading.
  10. Do you have any pets? What are their names? I have a cat in Spain who is already 17 years old! He is called “Gato” (cat in Spanish).