Anne-Laure is a French pianist , singer, songwriter and piano teacher. After graduating from the National Conservatories of Bordeaux and Versailles with classical studies in piano and lyrical singing, she studied Amplified Music as a singer, songwriter and arranger and graduating at the Atla Amplified Music School and Arpej Jazz School in Paris. She also obtained an MIMA diploma (professional musician in amplified music styles as a singer) and FIPMA diploma (pedagogy in amplified music styles).

As a pianist, Anne-Laure has performed in various contexts including recitals, chamber music performances, accompanist for singers and choirs, and in theatrical plays. As a singer, Anne-Laure has been a member of different lyrical companies, sung as a soloist in prestigious churches in Paris, and was part of the creation of the Opera de quat’filles show, a humoristic lyrical cabaret that toured in France. She also sung and played in the pop rock group Fox Cubs, sung in the Arpejazz Big Band and performed as a jazz lead singer.

Anne-Laure has taught classical piano for 25 years, and she seeks to create a positive, harmonious and joyful space for her students, so they will best be able to develop their own musical personality and qualities, while acquiring a precise and confident technique and musicality.

With her varied musical background, Anne-Laure teaches an open approach to music, navigating between styles to create an understandable language for students. She encourages her students to be curious, open minded and self-confident as musicians and human beings while increasing their capacity to express themselves through their instrument.

Anne-Laure teaches piano in English and French at the International School of Music Finland. If you’re interested in setting up a trial lesson with Anne-Laure, please contact us.