Where are you from and what instruments do you play?
I was born in Hong Kong, and grew up in Singapore. I play the piano in all shapes and sizes J
Where did you study?
I studied in Singapore, and graduated with a Diploma in music and Bachelor in Music (Hons)
Where are you studying now?
I’m studying now in Sibelius Academy as a Masters Music Theory Major.
Who is your favourite musician/composer?
My favorite composer is Prokofiev.
What has been your most special musical experience to date?
Live group improvisation in a Sauna and art exhibition hall with myself playing a portable keyboard.
Cats or dogs?
Dogs for the yard and cats for the living room
Salad or Pizza?
Definitely pizza and buffet style J
What is your favourite country to visit?
Right now, it’s Paris, France
What is your favourite season?
I know its weird, but I like winter.
What is your favorite food
Anything home cooked!