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International School of Music Finland


ISM started in Autumn 2015 as the first English speaking music school in Finland.

The International School of Music Finland is a registered non-profit organization providing music education in Helsinki as recognized by the City of Helsinki (taiteen laaja ja yleinen opetuslupa).

Our teachers offer lessons in the following languages: 



If you are interested in having lessons at ISM Finland, you can fill in our online application form (click here for Helsinki, or click here for Espoo).


ISM Finland provides lessons in many schools in Helsinki and Espoo as well as at our studio at Hietalahdenkatu 8, Helsinki:


Natalia Castrillón

Instruments: Playschool, harp
Languages: English, Spanish
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Johanna Knuuttila

Instruments: Violin
Languages: English, Finnish
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Scott Natzke

Instrument: Trumpet
Language: English
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Chen Qu

Instrument: Piano
Languages: Chinese, English, little Swedish
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Johannes Teppo

Instrument: Cello
Languages: English, Estonian, Finnish
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Dhaivat Dave

Instrument: Drum Circle
Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati
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Anna Leone

Instrument: Guitar
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
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Mindaugas Neverovas

Instrument: Piano
Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian, Finnish
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Carmen de los Reyes

Instrument: Piano
Languages: Spanish, English, French
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Robert Tobin

Instrument: Flute
Language: English
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Jeremy Wong

Instruments: Piano, Music Theory
Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)
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Silvia Melero Gómez

Instrument: Piano, Ukulele
Languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, Catalan
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Joao Luis Matos Lopes

Instruments: Percussion, Drums
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish
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Camilo Pajuelo

Instrument: Guitar
Languages: English, Spanish
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Pinja Suojoki

Instruments: Violin, Piano
Languages: Finnish, English
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Ann Valto

Instruments: Piano, Violin
Language: English
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Mioko Yokoyama

Instruments: Piano, Composition
Languages: Japanese, English, Finnish
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Dušica Grbatinic

Instruments: Voice, Piano
Languages: Serbian, English, Finnish
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Jessica Metz

Instruments: Voice
Languages: English, German
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Samuel Phua

Instrument: Saxophone
Languages: English and Chinese (Mandarin)
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Giedre Tabocchini

Instrument: Piano
Languages: English, Lithuanian, Italian, Finnish, Russian
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Juha Matti Varvikko

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Percussion
Languages: Finnish, English, Spanish 
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ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is an organisation that offers standardised exams for many instruments and all levels of musical ability in over 90 countries. ISM Finland is one of the few music schools in Finland that follows the internationally recognised ABRSM syllabus.

What are ABRSM exams?

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music’s exams and assessments encourage and motivate players and singers at all levels through the provision of goals and the measurement of progress. Assessments range from a Prep Test for beginners to Diplomas for advanced students and professionals.

Find out more in the following video:

Benefits of taking the ABRSM examinations

For students:

  • You will receive a detailed marking/ comments sheet with an official certificate that is internationally recognized in more than 90 countries!
  • Systemized and progressive grading system means students can track their improvement and is suitable for all ages.
  • Loads of available (and free) music resources and supporting materials for improving your musical skills.

For teachers:

  • The progressive grading system provides you with the ease to decide on what teaching levels is suitable for your students.
  • The well-rounded music syllabus covers both musicianship topics and practical aspects of the instruments, allowing lessons to be done in a more varied and holistic way.
  • ABRSM provides useful supporting materials for each individual musical component (i.e. sight reading, aural, scales, etc.), many which are free for use!


A list of common questions regarding the examination and syllabus can be found here.


Follow ABRSM Finland on Facebook for more exciting updates and videos! You can also leave your questions and any enquiries there.