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International School of Music Finland


ISM started in Autumn 2015 as the first English speaking music school in Finland


The International School of Music Finland is a registered non-profit organization providing music education in Helsinki as recognized by the City of Helsinki (Taiteen perusopetuslupa) in the following Locations.


Our teachers offer lessons in the following languages: 



If you are interested in having lessons at ISM Finland, you can fill in our online application form.


ISM Finland provides lessons in many schools in and around Helsinki as well as at our studio at Hietalahdenkatu 8, Helsinki:


Lauri Alhojärvi

Instrument: Drums, Bass, Band
Language: English, Finnish, French
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Silvia Melero Gómez

Instrument: Piano, Ukulele
Language: English, Spanish, Finnish, Catalan
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Javier Sanchez Perez

Instrument: Guitar, Bass, Cajon
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Finnish

Camilo Pajuelo Valdez

Instrument: Guitar
Language: English, Spanish
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Emilie Wendt

Instrument: Playschool, Brass, Recorder
Language: English
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Kristina Bogataj

Instrument: Piano, Playschool
Language: English, Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, German, Finnish

Katharine Hao

Instrument: Flute
Language: Mandarin, English


Lily Solomonov

Instrument: Piano, Voice
Language: English, French, Finnish, Hebrew

Ann Valto

Instrument: Piano, Violin
Language: English
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Jeremy Wong

Instrument: Piano
Language: English, Chinese
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Melisa Cano

Instrument: Piano
Language: English, Finnish, Spanish
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Johanna Knuuttila

Instrument: Violin, Piano
Language: English, Finnish

Lotta Suominen

Instrument: Voice
Language: English, Finnish

Silvo Vatanen

Instrument: Guitar, Charango
Language: English, Finnish, Spanish
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Instrument: Clarinet
Language: English, Italian, Danish/Norwegian, Spanish, French
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Mindaugas Neverovas

Instrument: Piano
Language: English, Russian, Lithuanian, Finnish
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Johannes Teppo

Instrument: Cello
Language: English, Estonian, Finnish

Juha Matti Varvikko

Instrument: Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Percussion
Language: Finnish, English, Spanish



Who are ABRSM?

ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is the world’s leading specialist in music assessment whose consistent and rigorous approach carries recognised international authority.

What are ABRSM exams?

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music’s core activity is the operation of an authoritative and internationally recognised system of exams and assessments to encourage and motivate players and singers at all levels through the provision of goals and the measurement of progress. Assessments range from a Prep Test for beginners to Diplomas for advanced students and professionals.