Inspiring a love and enthusiasm for music in children ages 3 months to 7 years.

Our music playschool immerses young children in a rich musical environment while also contributing to their overall development and well-being. Research has shown that early music education is beneficial for brain development and supports a child’s holistic development. We provide lessons at our studio and at partner daycares in the Helsinki and Espoo area.

Your child’s (and your family’s) interest in music
Your child’s knowledge and ability to listen to music and express themselves
Your child’s creativity as well as their motor, sensory and social development

Your child’s own creativity and inventiveness


Learning music in a safe and welcoming environment

Our unique teaching strategy

5-10 Children per Group
Our optimised group sizes ensure that your child will have the necessary amount of individual attention.


Simultaneous learning approach
Each lesson is a journey where the teacher and students imaginatively investigate ways of communicating musical and technical insights together.
Variety of learning Activities
The basics of music are taught through listening, dancing, body percussion, movement, musical games tailored to each child’s age and development.
Prep for instrument lessons
Our Music Playschool prepares your child for either pre-instrumental or ABRSM music lessons provided by our highly-trained international teachers.

Find the perfect group for youR CHILD

We provide age-appropriate Playschool groups for children ages 3 months all the way to 7 years!

Baby Groups

3 to 12 months old, with parent

30-minute lessons

Family Groups

1 to 2 years old, with parent 

30-minute lessons


3 to 7 years old, no parents

30- or 45-minute lessons


6 to 7 years old, no parents

45-minute lessons

Music Playschool Schedule

We are currently offering the following groups at our studio in Helsinki and Espoo:


Music Playschool (ISM Studio, Helsinki)
In these groups, your child will learn the basics of music using songs, rhymes, instrument play, ear training and listening activities. All lessons are prepared for their specific age groups.

9.30-10.00: Ages 1-2, with adult 
10.30-11.15: Age 3, with adult 
11.30-12.15: Age 4, no adult
12.30-13.15: Ages 5-6, no adult

Music Playschool Pricing & Guidelines

PRICING for autumn 2022

This pricing applies to lessons at the ISM studio. Pricing for lessons at playschools vary; please contact your playschool for more information.

Group of 5-10 children  15 lessons
        30 min                    135€
         45 min                    180€

Note: Unfortunately we do not offer sibling or other discounts for playschool lessons.

You can find our lesson guidelines here.

Questions about pricing or lessons?

Meet Our Playschool Team

Our highly-trained and educated playschool teachers each have at least 5 years of experience in early childhood music education.

Kristina Bogotaj

Kristina is a Slovenian choral conductor with a strong pedagogical background, based in Helsinki, Finland. She earned her master’s in music pedagogy at the Slovenian Academy of Music (2017) and is currently concluding her 2nd master’s – in choral conducting (Sibelius Academy, 2017–). Active also as a singer, pianist, continuo player, and interdisciplinary artist, she primarily acts as an artistic director of three Finnish choirs and collaborates with several others.

Silvia Melero Gomez

Silvia Melero Gomez holds two bachelor’s degrees in music education: one focused on music teaching at primary schools, and one focused on Music Pedagogy, Solfège and Aural Skills. She recently completed a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language and has been teaching Piano, Music Theory, Ear training, Voice, Music Playschool as well as conducted children choirs since 2006.


Livia Schweizer

Livia graduated from the Conservatory of Livorno (Italy) and is currently studying for her masters degree in at the Sibelius Academy. She has developed a very strong interest in improvisation and has led various projects in Helsinki with the aim of exploring the field of multidisciplinary arts, collaborating often with dancers and theater artists. 

Music Playschool Locations

We offer music playschool lessons at several preschools and playschools in the Helsinki / Espoo area, as well as at our studio (Hietalahdenkatu 8, Helsinki).

Interesting in signing up?

For more information, please contact:

Giedre Tabocchini
Music Playschool Coordinator
045 265 7848