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SMILE is a music playschool for children aged 3-6 (and sometimes even younger!). It aims to inspire a profound love and enthusiasm for music by immersing young children in a rich musical environment whilst also contributing to their overall development and wellbeing. It offers a variety of music playschool activities. We have family groups, music playschool groups, pre-instrumental groups and music carousel groups. Read all about what we offer below.


Research across the world has shown that early music education is beneficial for brain development and supports a child’s holistic development


In our classes, your child will develop and build basic musical, social, emotional, cognitive, and psychomotoric skills through singing, playing, listening and moving to music.


We offer packages of 5, 10, and 15 lessons to a number of playschools/daycares. If your playschool/daycare is our partner (see the list of locations here), group lessons are held at your child’s own playschool/daycare. We also offer lessons at our own Studio for anybody who is interested.

We offer:

  • Group lessons for 3-4 and 5-6 yr olds
  • 5-10 children in the same group
  • 45 minute lessons
  • Learn the basics of music through song, play, listening, dance, and playing instruments
  • Target-oriented and versatile activities tailored to each child’s age and development. Family groups for children aged 0-2 yrs old with an adult can be formed upon request. Lessons will take place at our Studio. Groups will be established if there is minimum of 5 participants.
Methods and approaches used during the lessons:

Orff’s method combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to child’s world of play. It was developed by the German composer Carl Orff (1895–1982) and colleague Gunild Keetman during the 1920s.
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Dalcroze’s method teaches musical concepts, often through movement. The variety of movement analogues used for musical concepts develop an integrated and natural musical expression in the student. Turning the body into a well-tuned musical instrument—Dalcroze felt—was the best path for generating a solid, vibrant musical foundation.
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A music teaching method based on the child’s experience, his or her sensory perception, affectivity and mental state. This method develops the child’s listening ability, sense of rhythm, motivity, memory and concentration. It helps to develop the child’s musical qualities, to help the child open up and prepare him or her to play an instrument.
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Pre-instrumental music lessons introduce children to the world of music by promoting basic musical skills in a fun and encouraging way. We offer group lessons for single-instruments and multiple instruments (“Music Carousel” lessons). If your school is our partner, the  group classes take place at your child’s own school. Otherwise, we also offer group lessons at our Studio.


Single instrument

We offer single-instrument group lessons for the following age groups:

1. Groups for 5-6 yr olds
2. Groups for 7-8 yr olds

Multiple instruments: “Music Carousel”

We offer multiple-instrument group lessons for students interested in trying different instruments on a rotating basis:

1. Music Carousel for beginners 5-6 yrs old
2. Music Carousel for beginners 7-8 yrs old

Instruments for this autumn’s carousel are violin, piano, recorder, and guitar. All instruments are provided for carousel lessons. We offer pre-instrumental students the opportunity to take lessons on instruments provided by the school, but it is not possible to take these instruments home. For home practising, we recommend students buy or hire their own instruments. We can help you find good, affordable instruments. Just let us know.




                                                   Spring 2019           Autumn 2019
Playschool (5-10 kids)          (17 lessons)            (15 lessons)
30 min                                            136€                          125€
45 min                                            165€                          172€


For more information contact:

Giedre Tabocchini
Music Playschool Coordinator



                                                                    Spring 2019            Autumn 2019
Pre-instrumental groups 30 min       (17 lessons)             (15 lessons)
2 students                                                        272€                           250€
3 students                                                        187€                           172€

                                                                   Spring 2019            Autumn 2019
Pre-instrumental groups 45 min       (17 lessons)             (15 lessons)
2 students                                                        357€                           328€
3 students                                                        272€                           250€
4 students                                                        255€                           234€

For more information contact:

Robert Tobin
Pre-Instrumental Groups co-ordinator

Autumn 2018 Schedule for Music Playschool

For more information contact Giedre Tabocchini, Music Playschool Coordinator: 045-2657848, giedre@ismfinland.org