Pricing for Music Lessons

Individual Instrumental lessons

Lesson fees per semester include weekly lessons and an end of the year concert (with the last lesson being the concert). A maximum of two lessons can be substituted for workshops and the end of year concert. Prices were established at the ISM Finland Kannatusyhdistys RY Board meeting on 5.2022.

Semester packages

                   Autumn 2022   Spring 2023
Length      (15 lessons)     (17 lessons)
20 min          360€          408€
30 min          495€          561€
45 min          705€          799€
60 min         915€         1037€

Discounts are available for multiple family members and for lessons on multiple instruments. However, there is a limit of one type of discount (early bird, second instrument, and sibling discount) per family.

Trial Lessons

It is possible for students to have one trial lesson on the instrument of their choice with no obligation to continue lessons. The trial lesson must be paid for in full prior to the arranged lesson time. You can purchase trial lessons from our online shop.

Length     Trial music lesson
20 min            24€
30 min            33€
45 min            47€

Purchase trial lessons from our online shop.

Group lessons (45 mins each, price is per student)

                            Autumn 2022     Spring 2023
Students        (15 lessons)      (17 lessons)
2 students                 450€              510€
3 students                  330€              374€
4-10 students            300€              340€

Choir lessons (at Espoo International School)

ISM Students                    FREE
Non-ISM Students              120€


Renting/Buying Instruments

We are happy to help ISM students in buying or renting instruments, and we also have our own small stock of instruments available for hire for lessons. Note that instrument rentals are offered for ISM students only. Please contact your teacher or our office for more information.



The pricing for ABRSM exams varies from 67€ to 150€, depending on the level of the student.

MTB Exams

The pricing for MTB exams varies from 38€ to 90€, depending on the level of the student.

RSL Rockschool Exams

The pricing for RSL Rockschool exams varies from 66€ to 139€, depending on the level of the student.

More information about Exams

For specific prices for your level, please ask your teacher or contact us.

Pricing for Music Playschool Lessons

Music Playschool Prices

This pricing applies to lessons at the ISM studio. Pricing for lessons at preschools vary; please contact your preschool for more information.

Music Playschool
(15 lessons)
30 min        135€
45 min        180€

Family Playschool
20€ / session
240€ / season (12 lessons)

Note: Unfortunately we do not offer sibling or other discounts for playschool lessons.

Learn more about Music Playschool Lessons
You can find our lesson guidelines here.

Pricing for Pre-Instrumental Lessons

Pre-Instrumental Pricing

                              Autumn 2022      Spring 2023
30 min lessons    ( 15 lessons)       (17 lessons)
2 students                   285€                  323€
3 students                   210€                  238€

                              Autumn 2022       Spring 2023
45 min lessons  (15 lessons)        (17 lessons)
2 students                  360€                    408€
3-4 students               285€                    323€

Learn more about Pre-Instrumental Lessons
You can find our lesson guidelines here.

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