Pre-InstrumentAL Lessons

A fun and encouraging introduction to instrument lessons and music theory for children aged 5-8

Pre-instrumental music lessons will introduce your child to the world of music by promoting basic musical skills in a fun and encouraging way. The small size of group lessons (2-4 students) will help ensure that every child receives individual attention and understands all the different concepts that are covered.


Your child’s own interest in music


Your child to various musical instruments


The importance of practicing an instrument


Your child’s achievements at regular concerts


Your child for ABRSM-level lessons

In Pre-Instrumental Lessons, your child will learn:

to handle an instrument and correct body positioning
To echo Melodic and rhythmic phrases
To find the right notes while singing and playing
to Use theory books to support the learning process
to describe music verbally
to clap on beat to different pieces
To practice effectively at home
to prepare for a concert and how to behave on stage


Our Music Carousel is a fun way to get to know instruments in a quick and easy way.  In Music Carousel lessons, your child will be taught the basics of 2-3 different instruments during short 3-4 week courses. Our Carousel is a great way for your child to find the right instrument for them.



 Pre-Instrumental lesson Pricing & Guidelines

                                         Autumn 2021      Spring 2022
30 minute lessons
        ( 15 lessons)       (17 lessons)

2 students                       285€                   323€
3 students                      210€                   238€

                                       Autumn 2021       Spring 2022
45 minute lessons      (15 lessons)        (17 lessons)
2 students                     360€                     408€
3-4 students                  285€                      323€

 Prices are for lessons beginning 1.8.2021 and later.

You can find our lesson guidelines here.

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Meet Our Pre-InstrumenTAL Team

Our highly-trained and educated teachers each have significant experience in both music performance and early childhood music education.

Anna Leone

Anna received her Bachelor Music degree from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (2012), and her Master’s degree from James Madison University (USA). Anna has performed as a soloist throughout Brazil, USA and Finland, dedicating most of her repertoire to Latin American and Spanish classical music. She is currently pursuing a second Master’s degree at Sibelius Academy.

Juha Matti Varvikko

Juha studied the bass at the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Espoo Music Institute as a teenager. He specializes in the anthropology of music. While doing research for his Master’s thesis in Lima, he studied the cajón drum with the renowned Afro-Peruvian musician, the late Manuel ‘Mangüé’ Vásquez. Currently, Juha performs in different bands with repertoires ranging from Latin American folk to indie rock and electronic music.

Pre-Instrument Lesson Locations

We offer music pre-instrument lessons at several preschools and playschools in the Helsinki / Espoo area, as well as at our studio.

Interesting in signing up?

For more information, please contact:

Giedre Tabocchini
Pre-Instrumental Lesson Coordinator
045 265 7848