Private Music Lessons

Lessons are offered in English, Finnish and many other languages

For music playschool lessons (children ages 0-7) click here.

  • All Ages
  • All Skill Levels
  • Professional teachers
  • Private lessons and group lessons
  • No entrance exams
  • Year-round enrolment


We offer lessons for the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Voice (pop, classical, jazz)
  • Guitar (pop, classical)
  • Ukulele


  • Flute
  • Recorder
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet 
  • Percussion
  • Djembe
  • Cajón
  • Pan flutes
  • Harp


  • Cuatro
  • Setar
  • Charango Accompaniment
  • Theory (ABRSM)

If you are interested in any other instruments, or in band music, choir, chamber or other ensembles, please let us know.

Renting/Buying Instruments

We are happy to help students in buying or renting instruments, and we also have our own small stock of instruments available for hire. Please contact your teacher or our office for more information.



Lesson fees per semester include weekly lessons and an end of the year concert (with the last lesson being the concert). A maximum of two lessons can be substituted for workshops and the end of year concert. Prices were established at the ISM Finland Kannatusyhdistys RY Board meeting on 23.5.2019.


Individual lessons 

It is possible for students to have one trial lesson on the instrument of their choice with no obligation to continue lessons.
The trial lesson must be paid for in full prior to the arranged lesson time.

                                                                     Autumn 2019           Spring 2020
Length                1 lesson trial                   (15 lessons)              (17 lessons)
20 min                        21€                                 312€                           354€
30 min                        30€                                 452€                           513€
45 min                        43€                                 640€                           725€
60 min                        56€                                 852€                           955€


Group lessons (45 mins each, price is per student) 

                                                                        Autumn 2019           Spring 2020
Students                    1 lesson trial                (15 lessons)              (17 lessons)
2 students                        27€                                406€                          460€
3 students                        19€                                281€                          318€
4-10 students                  17€                                250€                          283€



Individual Theory lessons

Length          1 lesson
30 min              24€
45 min              35€
60 min              48€


For theory lessons, students will be grouped as best as possible by age and theory knowledge. We teach the ABRSM theory curriculum and students are encouraged to take part in the annual theory exam.


Want to Apply?

If you want to apply for lessons, you can fill out our online application form (click here to apply in Helsinki, or click here to apply in Espoo).

Any Other Questions?

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ISM’s teaching curricula (opetussunnitelmat) for 2018 and 2019 are available for download by clicking the images above.

Note that the curricula are only available in the Finnish language.


School Guidelines

Teaching begins on 19th August 2019 for the autumn term. There are 15 lessons in Autumn and 17 lessons in Spring including the end of the term concert. The application and withdrawal processes is done through Eepos (click here for Helsinki, or click here for Espoo), our online portal.  Teaching for current students begins automatically for the Spring term 2020, so a new application does not need to be filled out after the end of the Autumn teaching term. We accept students during the term, after the term has started. The rate will be calculated for the remaining lessons for the term. Please consult the ISM Principal. Cancellations need to be confirmed at least a week before the start of the term by emailing the ISM Principal. We unfortunately cannot refund students who drop out mid term as we are committed to pay the teachers for the whole term. Private lessons are provided by professional teachers in English, Finnish and many other languages.


We will need an application form (click here for Helsinki, or click here for Espoo) from each student before the lessons start. We will ask for some personal information which will not be shared. We will use the email address on the application form for invoicing and communication with you by newsletter. Please inform us of any changes to your email address. We will also take photos during the term of our students so please let us know if you do not give permission for this by stating it on the application form. We will not need a new application form for the students continuing from Autumn term to Spring term. However, we will need a new application form at the start of every new school year.


The teacher is in charge of the content of the teaching. The goal for the school year will be planned together with the student. The teacher will communicate and keep a teaching diary using Eepos (click here for Helsinki, or click here for Espoo) and update the student’s homework book for each lesson so that parents may follow their child’s progress.


Information during the term is communicated through a Mailchimp newsletter, through our Facebook page, and on the website. Please follow these as there is important information regarding the term’s events. Teachers will keep students informed of dates for these events well in advance. 


Each student needs their own instrument for practicing purposes. A practice book is recommended in which the teacher will make notes after each lesson for homework practices. Practice at home is essential for improvement. Instrumental teachers will advise students on purchasing their own instruments and other age-specific requirements. Some instruments can be rented from ISM, if needed, by contacting their own teacher or ISM’s principal


The student/parent is responsible for the student’s participation in the lessons and informing of any absences of the students in advance. Please keep the teachers contact information on hand. If a teacher is absent for any reason, they will arrange a substitute teacher. If no substitute is available, the lesson will be rescheduled. If the student is absent, the lesson will not be made up or refunded.


Invoices are sent to the email given in the application form at the beginning of the term. Please check your email inbox and spam folder for messages, as ISM is not able to take any responsibility for messages lost in spam mail. Please let us know of any changes in your email addresses. Additional fees:

  • Paying in installments: 30€ (plus ALV 24%) plus interest (approx. 7% ) for the payment period
  • Late payment fees: 5€ to 30€ (plus ALV 24%) when paid after 14 days from invoice date
  • Additional invoices: 3€ (when there are 1-5 lessons), or free (for more than 5 lessons)

All these fees are defined and charged by Visma PPG, the company we use for invoicing.

If you have any questions, please contact our principal Nanna, who is happy to answer them: nanna@ismfinland.org


Please inform the ISM Principal by email at least a week before the new term starts if you wish to cancel music lessons. Informing the teacher is not sufficient. If we are informed less than a week before teaching commences, we will charge half a term’s fee. If we are informed after the lessons have started, we will charge the whole term’s fee. We unfortunately cannot refund students who drop out mid-term as we are committed to paying teachers for the whole term. Please contact your school’s respective coordinator for any concerns regarding the above or any other matters.

School guidelines have been updated on 31.7.2019.


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