Every child has musical potential and the right to musical development.

At the very same time music is something very natural and present in a child’s life, but still something that needs to be provided and valued. Early music experiences are the foundation for future music learning and life-long enthusiasm for music. The Finnish artist and famous author of the Moomin books for children, Tove Jansson, has said: It’s important how a person wakes up and starts a long day. And childhood, that is our morning.

Maybe this is why thousands of parents around Finland take their child to ’muskari’ i.e. music playschool, every week at music institutes, private music playschools, churches, and some other organizations. Music playschool is the most common hobby of Finnish children under the age of seven.

Early Childhood Music Education aims to inspire a child’s love for music and build a child’s basic musical skills in a safe and playful environment. At music playschool, children are introduced to the basics of music through meaningful encounters, listening, singing, rhyming, moving, playing instruments and by exploring sounds, verbalizing and visualizing musical ideas.

The activities are target-oriented and versatile and the child’s age and stage of development is always taken into account. In this manner, early childhood music education and music playschool activities support a child’s holistic development and enhance their skills not only in music but also socially, emotionally, cognitively, psychomotorically, and aesthetically.

Every child has musical potential. Let’s believe in it.
Every child has the right to musical development. Let’s start working on it.

Welcome to music playschool!

Annina Rintakumpu
Early Childhood Music Education Specialist
ISM Playschool SMILE coordinator


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