Ahoora Lehto is a percussionist, drummer, and music educator with a rich cultural heritage. Born into a musical family of Kurdish and Turkish descent in Iran, Ahoora has a deep passion for music and a strong foundation in both Eastern and Western musical traditions. He holds a master’s degree in music from the prestigious Sibelius Academy, where he majored in global music with a minor in pedagogy training.

With over ten years of experience teaching in different schools across Iran and Finland as well as 15 years as a music performer, Ahoora brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his lessons. His specialization lies in hand percussion, particularly the techniques of Cajon, frame drums, goblet drums and hybrid percussion sets. However, his musical journey began with classical piano, providing him with a well-rounded understanding of music theory.

As a percussionist, Ahoora has performed with various ensembles, including the Middle Eastern Orchestra, Global Orchestra, Folk Big Band, and smaller groups such as Agrin Band and Baran Band. Through these experiences, he has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of world music, enabling him to introduce his students to the diverse musical traditions from around the globe.

Ahoora’s teaching approach is rooted in his own multicultural background and his extensive performance experience. He strives to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can explore and express themselves through music. By incorporating his knowledge of music theory and world music, Ahoora opens doors for his students, providing them with a broader understanding of different musical cultures and styles.

Whether teaching children or adults, Ahoora’s goal is to inspire a lifelong love for music in his students. His classes are engaging, interactive, and tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of each student. With his master’s degree in music and pedagogy training, Ahoora possesses the necessary skills to guide and mentor aspiring musicians on their musical journey.

By studying with Ahoora, students can expect to not only develop their technical skills on percussion instruments but also gain a deeper appreciation for music as a universal language. His passion for teaching and his ability to connect with his students make his classes both educational and enjoyable, fostering a positive and enriching musical experience for all.

Ahoora teaches hand percussion and music production at ISM Finland in Helsinki in English, Finnish, Persian and Kurdish. To set up a trial lesson with Ahoora, please contact us.

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