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ISM Finland’s main teaching studios are located at Hietalahdenkatu 8 & 10, Helsinki. In addition, ISM provides lessons in the following schools and daycares in Helsinki, Espoo and Oulu:

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Office:             Hietalahdenkatu 8, 00180, Helsinki        Y-tunnus 2672611-7


Nanna Vehviläinen
Tel: +358 40 5051025

Vice Principal, Playschool:

Giedre Tabocchini
Tel: +358 45 2657848

Coordinator for ESH and ISH:

Nanna Vehviläinen
Tel: +358 40 5051025

Coordinator for Espoo:

Dusica Grbatinic
Tel: +358 44 9684542

Coordinator for Kulosaari:

Ani Luna Zafieri
Tel: +358 45 312 7977

Coordinator for Käpylä and Ressu:

Jaime Belmonte Caparrós
Tel: +358 45 78740968

Coordinator for Oulu International School:

Carmen de los Reyes
Tel: +358 46 5823461

Music Playschool and Pre-Instrumental Groups:

Giedre Tabocchini
Tel: +358 45 2657848

ABRSM Coordinator:

Ani Luna Zafieri
Tel: +358 45 312 7977

Project Coordinator:

Leena Valo
Tel: +358 50 438 2307

Social Media and Website:

Aaro Keipi