Alina Tikhomirova is a talented pianist and piano teacher from Moscow, where her musical journey began at the age of seven.

Alina has actively participated in concerts and festivals, such as Mäntän Musiikkijuhlat, Chopin-Event at Helsinki Conservatory of Music, Rotary club concerts, and others. She also won several diplomas from such competitions as Jugend Musiziert, Chopin Piano Competition, “Helmi Vesa”, and many others.

After completing the early stages of her musical education, Alina continued her education at the Music School affiliated with the Moscow Chopin College with Professor Valery Pyasetsky.
At the age of 14, she enrolled in the Junior Department of the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where later she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Piano, Chamber music, and Organ as a secondary instrument. Currently, Alina continues her piano and pedagogy studies in the Master’s program at the Sibelius Academy under the guidance of Hamsa Juris.

Alina has been teaching for eight years, imparting her knowledge to both adults and children as young as four years old. One of the key features of Alina’s teaching methodology is her individualized approach to each student. She takes into account the desires, needs, and abilities of her students, adapting the teaching program to their levels and interests. Alina helps her students not only master the technical aspects of playing the piano but also gain a deeper understanding of music, its expressiveness, and its emotional content.

Alina teaches piano in ISM Finland in Helsinki in English, Russian, and Finnish. If you would like to set up a trial lesson with Alina, please contact us.

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