Lotta is a contemporary singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, and music teacher. She was born and raised in Finland, but she has earned her music degree at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Los Angeles with industry specialists and movie composers. One of her passions and dreams is to write for film and TV.

Lotta has been playing piano since the age of 6 and started singing after High School. Since childhood, she has had an active imagination and has sought to express her internal world through composing. Lotta couldn’t imagine living without music in her life–it would be like a part of her is missing.

Lotta has published her own EP and several singles and has written songs for children’s musicals. Lotta believes that children are the future and she hopes to one day write for Disney.

Besides teaching at the International School of Music, Lotta also composes and publishes her own music projects and performs live. She also works as a teaching assistant with special needs children. Teaching is one of Lotta’s passions and she especially enjoys working with beginners, helping them to find their creativity. Lotta also coaches more advanced singers who are ready to start performing professionally. She seeks to take her own music projects on tour in the future.

Lotta teaches piano and voice in English and Finnish for ISM Finland, and also serves as coordinator for Kulosaari schools. To purchase a trial lesson with Lotta, visit our web shop.

More info about Lotta can be found on her website: www.lottasmusic.com