Mindaugas Neverovas is a Lithuanian pianist and piano teacher. In 2015, He graduated as a master of music from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tallinn), both as a chamber musician and a soloist. He also studied two years in the Sibelius Academy with Liisa Pohjola and Eero Heinonen.

In autumn of 2014, Neverovas won a finalist diploma in the Estonian Pianists’ Competition (Tallinn) and performed as a soloist of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. He has given numerous solo recitals in France, Denmark, Greece, Baltic countries and Finland, also as a part of music festivals (eg. Piano Pic Festival, Bagneres-de-Biggore). Neverovas has also participated in masterclasses with many world-renowned pianists, such as Denis Pascal (Paris) and Dmitri Alexeev (London). In addition, Neverovas is an active chamber musician and lied pianist, having worked with violinists, wind instrumentalists, string quartets and numerous singers.

During the last ten years, Neverovas has gained experience in teaching piano playing in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. Having students of different ages, levels, nationalities and musical backgrounds, he has developed a teaching method based on emphasizing interpretation, tone production, effective learning and practise strategies that can be applied to every student according to their individual needs and wishes.

You can read more about Mindaugas on his website.


Where are you from and what instruments do you play?
I am from Lithuania and I play piano.
If you weren’t a musician what would you be doing?
All of my life, medical sciences have interested me. So, maybe I could be a medical doctor.
Where did you study?
I graduated as a bachelor of music from Lithuanian Academy of Music, and as a master of music from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. I also studied at the Sibelius Academy for two years.
Where are you studying now?
I’m studying music pedagogy at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
What was the thing that got you interested in music?
My family is very musical and they encouraged me to play piano. Of course I was also very much into it myself when I was a kid.
Why are you in Finland?
I came to study to Sibelius Academy where I met my fiancée. After studying together abroad we came back to Finland and now we are both working here.
Who is your favourite musician/composer?
There’s no one favorite since all the classical and romantic composers are great.
What has been your most special musical experience to date?
My first performance with an orchestra. I was the soloist and played Haydn concerto.
Do you have any secret/not-so-secret (unmusical) talents?
I like languages and I’m able to learn new languages quite quickly.
Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I like to eat cookies and sometimes sleep long.
Tea or coffee?
In the morning coffee, in the evening tea.
Cats or dogs?
Salad or Pizza?
If hungry, pizza. If not, salad.
What is your favourite country to visit?
It would be nice to visit some Caribbean islands.
What is your favourite season?
What is your favourite food?
Do you have hobbies?
I play tennis a lot and I go often to swim and to sauna.
If you could take three things to a desert island, what would you take?
My fiancée, my family and a boat.

Mindaugas teaches piano lessons in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Finnish at ISM Finland. To set up a trial lesson with Camilo, please contact us.

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