upcoming six-week courses, open to all Students

OCtober 21 – December 2: ALOHA UKULELE! (English)

Learn how to play ukulele in this six-week course, specially designed for beginners! In this course, ISM teacher Silvia Melero Gómez will introduce the basics of playing ukulele, including playing both melodies and accompaniment patterns and learning to sing and play simultaneously.

Age group: 11 and older
Day and time: Mondays 19:00-19:45, beginning 21 October 2019
Location: International School of Helsinki
Price: 100€ for six weekly lessons
Teacher: Silvia Melero Gómez

For more information or to register, please send an email.

October 25 – December 6: ALOHA UKULELE! (Español)

¡Únete y aprende ukelele en este curso de 6 semanas especialmente diseñado para principiantes! En este curso nuestra profesora de la International School of Music, Silvia Melero Gómez, enseñará las bases para tocar el ukelele. Aprenderás a tocar melodías y útiles patrones de acompañamiento y también a cantar tus canciones favoritas acompañadas con el ukelele.

Edades: A partir de 11 años
Día y hora: Los viernes de 16:15-17:00 comenzando el 25 de Octubre
Lugar: Escuela de Käpylä, edificio de Untamo, Aula U43
Idioma: Español y finés
Precio: 100€ por estudiante / 6 semanas
Profesora: Silvia Melero Gómez

Para registrarte y más información manda un email.

October 21 – December 2: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: The Gateway to Indian Music

Welcome to this basic introductory course to the world of Indian music presented by the International School of Music Finland along with Indian Classical Music Teacher Amrita Chakrabarty, specially designed for beginners and intermediate level students.

During this course, students will be introduced to the basics of Indian Classical Music – both in terms of notes and rhythm.

Session 1 – Introduction to Indian Musical Notes – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa…
Session 2 – Various vocal exercises (Alankars) using the notes
Session 3 – Learning to frame own combination of notes
Session 4 – Distinction between Major (Shudh) and Minor (Komal) notes and basic introduction to Indian rhythmic patterns (Taals)
Session 5 – Basic voice training and fundamental singing techniques
Session 6 – Helping each student to create his own notes and sing along to a rhythm (Taal)

Three age groups: Ages 7 and older
When: Mondays from 16:00-16:45, beginning October 21
Location: Espoo International School
Language: English
Price: 100€ for six weekly lessons
Teacher: Amrita Chakrabarty

For more information or to register, please send us an email.

October 24 – December 5: ISH BAND!


Are you ready to rock? Join the band short course at the International School of Helsinki and develop your accompaniment and performance skills and learn to groove, improvise, harmonize and jam with others!

Looking for:

  • A drummer
  • A bassist
  • 1–2 guitarists
  • 1–2 piano/keyboard players
  • 1–2 vocalists
  • 1–2 percussionists
    (depending on students’ interests and experience)

For who? Students aged between 6-12 years with at least basic technical skills on their instrument
When: Fridays 15:30-16:15, beginning 24 October
Location: International School of Helsinki
Price: 100€ for six weekly lessons
Teacher: Juha Matti Varvikko

For more information or to register, please send us an email.